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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Once enrolled, am I able to change my enrollment contract?
Since the center is usually operating at full capacity, changing your child’s scheduled days in a week may not be
possible. Please check with the center management if this is possible within a week of care to make a change. Changing the number of days on your original contract is only allowed once per year based on employment or school schedules. The contract year runs from July 1st to June 30th of each year.

2. Does the center offer a tuition assistance program?
Information about all of the tuition assistance programs that parents may be eligible for is located here.

3. Do siblings of children already enrolled at the center have priority on the waiting list for enrollment?
Yes, but there is not guarantee that your child will have a slot at the center due to the fact that classrooms may be enrolled at their legal, licensed capacity. Every effort will be made to accommodate your children at the center and we request that you give the center as much prior notice as possible of your intent to enroll a sibling.

4. Does the center have an Illness Policy?
Yes, the goal of our Illness Policy is to keep children, staff and families healthy. We follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Illness Policy is included in the Family Handbook and this handbook will be provided to you upon enrollment.

5. Can I bring medications into the center?
Prescription medications are permitted to be administered at the center by appropriately trained center staff. Nebulizer treatments will not be administered by child care center staff. Emergency Medications (EpiPen, Rescue Inhaler, etc.) are permitted in the center with appropriate documentation from your child’s physician. See our Medication Policy for complete details.

6. How is my child signed in and signed out at the center?
The center uses a software program, ProCare, that allows for electronic sign in and sign out (will begin in late 2011). Families are required to use the ProCare system as it allows center management to track daily child attendance. In addition, families are also required to sign your child in and out of his/her classroom since this written/sign in-out list is used in the event of an evacuation to properly account for all children. Presently families sign in both at the front desk and their child’s classroom.

7. Am I allowed to give my center access code to a person listed on my emergency contact list?
We strongly recommend that family members do not provide the access code to anyone except the primary
individuals that enrolled the child and signed the Family Contract (form included in the enrollment information).

8. Is my child able to be picked up from the center by someone other than the individuals listed on my emergency contact list?
Strict rules will apply for someone other than individuals on your emergency contact list to pick up your child from the center. We ask that you make every effort to avoid this type of arrangement. We do know that in some cases this will occur. You must contact the center by telephone and speak only with the center director, program specialist or the administrative assistant to begin this process. They will verify the authenticity of the call and will also require you to identify the person who will pick up your child. Upon arrival, identification of this person will be required. If the individual is not able to provide identification, your child will not be released. You will also be required to complete the Verbal Release Form that the center will provide you upon your next visit to the center. This form is completed by the staff when families call to make this request and is signed by the pick-up person following the identification verification. Please refer to the Family Handbook for more information on this topic.

9. If I do not work in the summer or may be on an extended leave of absence, what happens to my child’s slot at the center?
If you withdraw your child for the summer or for another reason, you can request to have his/her name placed on the center’s waiting list for his/her classroom.

10. Can I bring food from home for my child?
We request that food from home not be brought into the center due to the large number of food allergies of our enrolled children. If your child has a special diet or food allergies and they are unable to eat certain meals provided by the center, please speak with the center director. She will strive to make accommodations available at the center. All dietary restrictions, allergies, etc., that require your child to not eat the meals provided by the center are to be stated, in writing, by your child’s physician to allow us to meet federal meal program regulations. The center is a peanut fee environment.

11. What if I do not want my child to consume any meat products and prefer, as a family, to follow a vegetarian menu?
The center will strive to meet your child’s nutritional needs by providing a non-meat substitution where applicable. All dietary restrictions, allergies, etc., require the completion of a Dietary Form by your physician which describes the substitution in order for the center to meet the federal meal program regulations. (See the center’s administration for the appropriate form).

12. Do children go outdoors even in the cold weather?
The State of West Virginia requires that children have an outdoor experience while attending the center. Extreme heat or cold, rain or snow will require the center to provide indoor gross motor activities rather than using the outdoor spaces. The center will post a daily notice for families when outdoor play is expected to occur.

13. How many hours is my child allowed to be in care?
There is no written rule dictated by the State of West Virginia as to the number of hours per day a child can attend a center. The center encourages families to spend as much time as possible with their children and we request that a child not be in the center for more than 10 hours per day. A $15.00 fee is assessed for each 15 minutes a child is in attendance over 10 hours.

14. When is my tuition for a week due at the center?
Tuition payments are due on Monday by 6:00 p.m. for the current week of service. A late payment charge of $10.00 will be assessed for payments beyond the Monday 6:00 p.m. deadline.

15. Is electronic transfer of funds for child care tuition payments available to parents?
At the present time, this service is not available but Hildebrandt Learning Centers is researching the possibility of offering this service in the future. Payment by check or money order is the preferred methods of payment.

16. How do I withdraw my child from the center?
A two week notice is required when terminating services from the WVU Child Learning Center. This form should be used to notify the center of your child’s last day of attendance.

Infant Care Questions

1. Do you provide formula for infants attending the center?
The center currently participates in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and is required to provide formula and baby food to enrolled infants. The center currently offers infants Gerber Good Start formula. Families may choose to supply their own formula if an alternate brand is preferred.

2. Does the center allow families to provide breast milk for my infant?
Yes, families are allowed to supply breast milk for their enrolled child. The breast milk must be provided in a sealed container which lists the child’s name and the date the breast milk was pumped. Please refer to the Infant Feeding
Packet included in the New Child Enrollment Packet.

3. Does the center provide baby food?
The center provides baby food (cereal, fruits and vegetables) at the center through our participation in the CACFP
program are detailed more fully in the Infant Meals Memo included in the enrollment information.

4. Does the center allow families to provide their own cloth diapers?
Yes, cloth diapers are allowed but families MUST provide a hands-free container in which to store the soiled diapers. The container must be removed upon pick up of your child at the end of each day. Diaper pins and baby powder may not be used.

5. What additional items will I need to provide for my infant upon enrollment and going forward?
The Infant Supply list can be found here .

6. Do all babies need to sleep on their backs?
Yes, all babies are placed to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If your baby is able to roll over independently, they may do so and will not be returned to their back to sleep unless
requested by the family. All babies must sleep in their cribs and are not permitted to sleep in any other infant equipment. Toys are not permitted in their cribs and only one blanket may be used in the crib. This blanket will be tucked at the foot of the crib to prevent the baby from pulling it over their head while sleeping. Our Safe Sleep Policy is available here .

The information provided is a general guide about the West Virginia University Child Learning Center. Additional detailed information will be provided to families by the center administration during your family meeting.