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WV Subsidized Child Care Program

Verification materials needed when applying for Child Care Resource Center subsidy

(Please be aware that this program is not administered by WVU or the WVU Child Learning Center. We have listed the following information here for your convenience and with the permission of the Child Care Resource Center.)

In order to demonstrate monthly family income, you will need the following, as applicable:

    • Pay stubs reflecting income earned within the last thirty days 
    • New Employment Form if just began employment
    • If Self-Employed – a completed Self Employment Ledger 
    • If attending School – a school schedule

You will also need Proof of Identification and Proof of Residency (for example, a lease, utility bill, voter registration card with current address, Vehicle Registration with current address, etc…)

In order to demonstrate family size, you will need the following, as applicable:

    • If you are a single parent and receiving child support – verification of receiving child support
    • If you are separated – 3 Notarized Statements verifying you and your spouse reside at different addresses 
    • If you are divorced – divorce decree
    • Birth Certificate for child/children
    • If you have custody of a child other than your own – documentation of custody
    • Birth Certificate for child/children in need of care

The application process will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes