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Infant Classrooms

Goals and Objectives

Social/Emotional Development – To learn about self and others

  1. Trusts known, caring adults
  2. Regulates own behavior
  3. Manages own feelings
  4. Responds to others’ feelings with growing empathy
  5. Plays with other children
  6. Learns to be a member of a group
  7. Uses personal care skills

Physical Development – To learn about moving

  1. Demonstrates basic gross motor skills
  2. Demonstrates basic find motor skills

Cognitive Development – To learn about the world

  1. Sustains attention
  2. Understands how objects can be used
  3. Shows a beginning understanding of cause and effect
  4. Shows a beginning understanding that things can be grouped
  5. Uses problem-solving strategies
  6. Engages in pretend play

Language Development – To learn about communicating

  1. Develops receptive language
  2. Develops expressive language
  3. Participates in conversations
  4. Enjoys books and being read to
  5. Shows an awareness of pictures and print
  6. Experiments with drawing and writing